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27 Mar 2023
Tepkime puanı


    The Winter is coming and Agate as well

    Agate Online is a brand new experience you've never seen before. We all remember old school memories and really miss those old days. You will find it at Agate! Cap 110, ch & eu ! We created this server to provide you with an original, exciting and fair gaming experience. We've been working hard to bring these old memories to all pserver players.

  • Server Construction:

    Building our server depends on some ideas invented by some experts. We've made our server as old-fashioned as possible with some innovative features that will provide incredible gameplay. You can also participate in the creation of our server by giving us your opinion, and if there is something you don't like about our game, we can discuss it on our Discord server.

  • Expert Management:

    Agate Online management team consists of 3 people. Each of us has full experience in his field, so you can be sure that we will manage our server innovatively and clearly. We've put a lot of effort into designing and managing our server to earn your trust, so we welcome you to join us and support us with your feedback.

  • Purpose:

    Our purpose of creating servers is to give you pleasure and excitement as we are players like you. We want to build a long term server with lots of community friendly players. A play2win server without any bugs or problems, where everyone enjoys their time and experience.

  • Main Targets:
    1. An active and friendly community.
    2. A really long-term server.
    3. A really play2win server.
    4. Bug-free gameplay.
    5. Lagless gameplay.


  • Beta opening: [22.09.2023]

    After trying hard to prepare for the big adventure, we have decided to open our server as beta phase on the date given below. It should be well tested to give you the longest time without any problems and let the players enjoy the time they play. The beta phase will be open for several days to gain more time to test each system and launch a bug-free and lag-free grand boot.

  • Grand opening: [29.09.2023]

    It's time, it's time, it's time for bones, collect your guild and prepare your weapons. This is war, man.

  • Cap | 110.

    We all know that The 11 degree is one of the best degrees in the silkroad history, everyone likes it and it gains most of the sro players attention,and that's why we chose this degree.

  • Races | EU & CH.

    Everyone knows when we talk about 11 degree It should be there Eu & CH This is exactly what happened in Tyr [ Age ], but with the addition of some simple adjustments to achieve balance between the two races.

  • Exp/SP Rate | x15.

    we dont want high rates server that will die instantly in the first week, you will be having so much fun at your way to the max level, 75x rates isn't that low and not very high, the rate is very custom and fun!

  • Available Fortresses.

    Our fortress war will be Hotan since it has the most popularity among all sro players.

  • Silk Type.

    In Agate Online there are two types of silk

    • premium Silk

      the Only Way to get it is from Donate.

    • Silver Silk

      We promised you at the beginning that we will offer you a play2win server not a pay2win server. Therefore, we decided to add silk per hour to the game for players you will get 2 silk every hour once you reach level 110. In addition to the automatic events which has good silk rewards and the unique monsters which have acceptable silk drops.

    • What is diffrent between Silver and premium Silk ?

      in premium Silk item can be Treadbel Only

  • Equipment Exchange System

    What is the Equipment Exchange System?

    It is a system where you can exchange items in your possession to equipment items you need.
    The reinforcement level of equipment item is maintained after exchange, but magic option/attribute change randomly.
    A certain amount of gold will be used upon exchange.

    How to Exchange
    • Talk to the equipment exchange NPC and select "Equipment Exchange.

    • Register the equipment item in possession and select the item to exchange it for.

    • Click on the exchange button and check the exchanged item.

    Items that cannot be exchanged

    • Items that cannot be traded
    • Items that cannot be repaired
    • Items with a magic option to increase number of times of repair.

  • Secondary Password

    A system implemented to increase account security, you are required to enter a passcode second time, and he is avalible in Agate.

  • Battery Buffs

    A system where additional EXP is given away even when you are not logged in.
    Additional EXP buffs are provided to characters that are not logged in to a game for 13 hours or more.
    1. Green battery buff

      The green battery buff is a buff you can use to get an additional 50% EXP when monster hunting.
      13 hours after logging off is the standard. 5 minutes is added every hour after that, and you can gain EXP for up to 720 hours.

    2. Red battery buff

      The red battery buff is a buff you can use to get an additional 100% EXP when monster hunting.

      2 hours are applied every day for 7 days from the day the buff is acquired.

  • Multi Language

    To make everyone can read everything easily inside the server Agate Client is now Supporting a lot of Language.

  • Attendance Reward

    It's a way for us to encourage everyone to log into the server daily so that you can get a lot of valuable prizes

  • Consignent [ Stall Network ]

    you can register the items that you want to sell, up to 50 items, and go do anything you want. When someone buy your items you will recive a message.

  • Item Storge Box

    New Storage where any type of item you buy from Item Mall or receive from events will be stored inside it , and you can get it anytime

  • Game News

    The adventure will be long, and we have created a way for you to learn everything new inside Agate + you can aslo Vote for what do you want us applied inside.

  • Pet System

    With the discovery of new areas, traders on the Silkroad entered a Golden Age. However, monsters that are more powerful also meant higher risk.
    To manage the risk, the Merchants Association began to sell new products that would ensure the safety from the threat of monsters.
    These products were none other than the new pets, the so-called "Fellows". These pets came with special powers through advanced training.
    With special abilities that surpass those of the previous pets, Fellows will be powerful and dependable companions on your journey that assist you in many ways including combat.

    • [*]Acquiring and Summoning Fellows

      Fellows can be acquired in two ways. You can either purchase a Fellow summon scroll at the Item Mall, or you can evolve a pet that you already own. To evolve your pet, speak with a Stable NPC in one of the towns with a Potion of Evolution.
      Right-click the summon scroll in your inventory to summon the Fellow.

    • Pet Evolution

      You can obtain a Fellow by evolving your growth pet. To evolve your pet, you require the Potion of Evolution which can be purchased at the Item Mall. Speak with a Stable NPC to begin the evolution process. You can choose one out of the Attack/Defensive/Buff types. During the evolution process, only the level is retained and the EXP is reset.

    • Skills

      Fellows' skills are divided into three categories: unique, readied and item skills. The use of a Fellow's skill is determined by the Fellow's AI, and the player cannot control it. Active skills, however, can be controlled by the player.
      All skills have chances of activation and cooldown times. While most skills are used randomly according to the chance of activation, some skills are activated depending on the status of the Fellow or its master.

      Unique Skills

      Unique skills come with a Fellow upon summoning it. They cannot be used right away but are made available as the Fellow reaches certain levels. Active skills consume Satiety. Unique skills are automatically improved as the Fellow attains new levels.

      Readied Skills

      A Fellow comes with six skill slots for readied skills. These slots are also made available when the Fellow reaches certain levels. In these slots, you can ready skills gained by hunting monsters or completing quests.
      The range of readied skills is determined by the type of the Fellow. Once a skill is readied, it can only be removed with a 'Removal Rondo'. Readied skills are not automatically improved as the Fellow attains new levels, but higher skills must be obtained by hunting monsters and completing quests.

      Item Skills

      Item skills are automatically assigned to slots depending on the items equipped by a Fellow. These skills are not activated by the Fellow but its master. They do not improve.
      There are two types of items that come with skills: amulets and chokers. Amulets come with SP storage and Pick Up Items skills, and chokers allow the Fellow to enter the Berserker mode when its master enters the Berserker mode.

    • Removing Skills

      You can remove readied skills from a Fellow by using the Removal Rondo. To begin the process, speak with a Stable NPC.

    • EXP / Fellow Info

      Fellows gain EXP through hunting. This is separate from the player's EXP and does not affect the player's EXP in any way. Although the Fellows' rate of growth is faster than that of their masters, their level cannot be higher than that of their masters.
      From level 10 and up, the Fellows' death results in the loss of EXP. However, their level is not reduced.
      Fellows possess unique skills according to their type, and they can also be equipped with items.
      You can view their items and skills in the Fellow Info window under the "Items" and "Skills" tabs.

    • Riding a fellow pet

      There are packages available for 7, 30 and 90 days. Once you bought one of those, you'll find 5 new items inside your storage - the one you need to ride your fellow pet is called "Saddle". So simply check your fellow pet's inventory and add your desired items. Once you added the "Saddle" item, the "mount" icon will appear in color autimatically.

  • Introduction to the new job system

    Currently, the Job in Agate Online is divided into Hunter and Theif, and each of them has a job and each of them has its strengths and characteristics that distinguish it.. And each Account must have only one job, whether Hunter or Theif, in addition to the possibility of producing some products and doing some trade. Wearing some items provides additional features to your account and character.
    • How to choose the job

      One Job for each Account, and when you choose a Job, all the Characters on the same Account will have the same Job that you chose.
      It is preferable that if you do not want to play with the Job at the present time, you do not have to choose Set Job now during login.

      Select Job is a necessary thing before using the job outfit.

      In order to register for the job and choose a job, you must choose Select Job at the beginning, as in the picture.

    • Power Lvl, Promotion, and Job Rank system

      The idea of the Power Lvl for the Job is the same idea as the Power Lvl for your normal character in the game. In order to increase the level, all you have to do is collect Skill Points and Experience by killing monsters or doing Trade Activities.

      The highest level in the Job Lvl is the highest level a character can attain.

      In a certain level, the character needs Promotion or promotion, and it has 4 stages. Each stage has its own effects and advantages, and the Job level will only increase when the promotion is done and its requirements are present with the character. The following picture will explain what is required, but all you have to do is go. For the NPC, choose Promotion and offer some Gold and Shining Stones.

      You can also get a Rank whenever you kill a competitor in the Job or perform a Trade Activity.

      Note: - If you kill the same Enemy, meaning a competitor to you in the Job, within an hour, your Rank will not increase, and you will be counted as if you killed him only 3 times.

    • Trade

      Trade means mutual activity in various Towns by exchanging, selling, buying to obtain a gain within Agate Online. All of these activities have principles and rules that must be followed. The activities have been divided into three activities. It will be explained in detail
      1. Job Activities

      2. consignment

      3. Target Trading

    • Job Activities

      It means doing some tasks that are divided into Delivery Quest, which means the task of delivery, or Collection Quest, which means the task of collecting. These Activities are used to raise the Job Level by completing an increase in the Experiences upon completion. These Quests are taken when dealing with the NPC of the Job, whether you are a Hunter or a Thief, as in the picture.

      When performing the Collection Quest, the player must collect Trade Items by killing monsters according to the mission and collecting Trade Items using the Job Activity Transportation. When the required number of Trade Items are collected, the mission will be completed and you will obtain Job Exp.

      You can also do the Delivery Quest by transferring trade items from one city to another to get Job Experience,While doing this Job Activity, you must do Summon Transportation, which is in the Job Skills. You can also use the Merchant`sFlute, which is in the Job Skill Window. To use it, open the Job Skill Window and Double Click on the Skill you want to use... and the Job Skills differ. Depending on the Job Lvl you are in at the moment.

      NOTE:You can only use Job Skills while wearing your Job Skills!
      Likewise, each of the Job Activity tasks is for a specific Lvl so that you can complete the task upon reaching the Job Lvl of this level. Sometimes you find that you have an option when obtaining a specific task: Safe Mode, Danger Mode. Choosing Danger Mode gives you a higher experience, but at the same time it allows for an attack. The Job competing against you, whether Thief or Hunters, is why it is preferable to use the Safe Mode for levels below 40. As for above 40, it is permissible for the Job competing against you to be attacked whether you choose Safe Mode or Danger Mode. Therefore, it is preferable to choose Danger Mode above level 40 to obtain a higher Exp.
      Also, you cannot take missions from Downhang / Samrkand until you reach level 30 in the Job

    • Consignment

      It is carrying out indirect trade by delivering goods to the NPC, or as it is called in the game, Special Goods
      All you have to do is keep the Special Goods, whether you are in the Job state or the normal state.. And all you have to fill the Trader Pounch, as in the picture, with the Special Goods that you get by killing regular monsters or during trade, and you can collect them whether you are in Job status or normal status and handing it over to the NPC as in the picture when you see this sentence in the server according to your Job

      The Hunter Trade Will Begin Consignment


      The Thief Trade Will Begin Consignment

      When you deliver goods to the NPC, you will get Black Stones if you are a Thief, or Blue Stones if you are a Hunter, and sometimes you will get Tickets.

    • Target Trading

      This trade is very similar to the old system of the Job, which is trading special goods from one town to another. It is a direct trade and you will get many gains when it is completed. This type of trade can be done from the first level 1 of the Job and in this The type of trade is the same as the Safe/Danger Mode topic that was explained before

      Upon completion of the trade, you will receive:
      A quantity of Blue/Black Stones according to your job

    • Job Items

      This Job Item is used in all ways in the gym to increase the Physical / Magical Defense of your character. You can also prefer to wear it whether you are in normal clothes or wearing the Job, and it does not have Durability, meaning it does not need to be repaired from time to time.. However, it is possible to sell it It is normal for Stalls and you can put Blue/PLUS on it, but it will cost you a little Silk

      Job Items are divided into 4 levels: 20 - 50 - 80 - 100 And 3 levels in terms of type: Physical - Magical - Common

      The first thing to do is to do the Job Items, you must have the following:
      1. Tickets
      2. Shining Stones

      To craft Shining Stones, you must have Black & Blue Stones,And every 1Black + 1Blue Stone = 1 Shining Stone,You will take the Black & Blue Stones and craft them.

      They will turn into Shining Stones,Which is divided into 5 types
      1. Lowest Quality Shining Stones
      2. Low Quality Shining Stones
      3. Medium Quality Shining Stones
      4. High Quality Shining Stones
      5. Highest Quality Shining Stones

      Of course, the lowest thing appears the most
      The Highest is the least that appears to you

      Now you have made the Shining Stones that you used in the process of making the Job Items, as well as the Tickets that you use.

      What will you do with the tickets then?

      I will tell you the tickets you can get from the methods previously explained above at the beginning of the topic.

      You will get the Magic PoP Guide Gori Tickets that are available in all Towns

      And choose Exchange Tickets

      After that, choose Exchange All Tickets

      All your Tickets will be converted to Material, no matter what type you have, you will find Medium - Lowest - Highest, and that's just you and your luck.
      Of course, you will find the following written on every Material that you made when you look at it:
      Its Quality is whether Medium - High - Lowest..
      It says “Hunter” or “Thief”.
      It says Shoulder, Wepon, Accoessroy, or anything on it to make the process easier for you.
      But this Material will not appear as Common, Physical, or Magical unless it is used

      Now you have the Material that you will convert to Job Item

      After that, you will take this material and go to any NPC that has rings and choose Learn Recipe.
      This will teach you how to make, for example, the Highest Quality Accoessory according to the material you want to convert. It is preferable to finish them all, as it will not cost you much. Just a few gold.
      After that, from the Craft menu, you will choose the option according to the type of item you want to make, and put the Material + Shining Stones, and the Item Job will appear for you.

    • To Destroy the Item Job

      When job items are Destroy, they turn into Shining Stones
      To break it, all you have to do is go to any Acss store in any city and buy something called the Stone of Dismantling.
      Then choose from the Craft Shining Stones the type you want to break
      After that, put the Material with the Stone of Dismantling, and it will turn into Shining Stones again.


    The Blood Cave of Alexandria is also present. It is one of the most important features of level 110 because there will be great wars inside it and a lot of blood will be shed as well

  • Forgotten world

    Forgotten World Dungeon is by far the most important dungeon for all Silkroad players. The main source of obtaining your power weapon in the original old school silkroad is also the only method of obtaining Protection shields.
    As mentioned above, Power weapons can be obtained by surrendering a full tailgun collection. Tailsmen also drop from the Ghost Sereness boss from the boxes inside the forgotten world with different rates explained in the table below.
    The protection shield also drops from the Ghost coolness boss at low rates as described above, so good luck.

  • Holy Water Temple

    It is the right place to fight the Egyptian god and measure your strength and also you will get some good things

  • Battlefield of Infinity

    The Testing Grounds have been established where Agate Gladiators will gather and fight with diverse monsters. Its purpose is to enhance the Gladiators’ power to guarantee safe trade in SIlkroad. Achieving the goal to conquer the battlefield and battle with the monsters is difficult, thus to protect from the danger of death, Gladiators will borrow the body of monsters as they enter the Battlefield of Infinity.
    • Procedure

      Register via Battle Arena NPC -> Select Dungeon and Enter -> Player will be transferred to the dungeon ->Monsters will appear-> Character will be transformed and will engage in the battle -> Battle will end ->Compensation will be provided ->Player will be teleported back to town

    • Participation

      - Players can register via Battle Arena NPC located in towns.
      - Players can register in the following level tiers: 71 ~ 80, 81 ~ 90, 91 ~ 100, 101 ~ 110
      - Players can enter the dungeon twice on solo mode or party mode.

      Players may register again at a certain time after exiting the dungeons.
      - Players cannot enter Solo Dungeon if he belongs to a party.
      Party master will first enter the dungeon and then the rest of party members will follow.

      - Party dungeon is recommended for parties with 4 members. (If party has less than 4 members
      party might have disadvantage in completing the missions and in acquiring EXP.).

      - Party matching is not allowed while inside the dungeon. Party can add additional party members before the start of the battle.

    • Gameplay

      - Players can enter Battlefield of Infinity through the Battle Arena NPC.

      - Players can transform into monsters at the start of the battle.

      - Only party master can start battle in party dungeon.

      - Battle can be started if party has 2 or more members inside the party dungeon.

      - Solo dungeon monster's level will be based on the lowest level of the character (-3 to +5).

      - Party dungeon monster's level will be based on the average level of the characters (-3 to + 5).

      - Monsters will be aggressive in every stage. Monsters will rush to the stone of protection once they are summoned.

      - Dungeon consists of 20 stages and strongest monster will be summoned on 20th stage.

      - Fellows and growth pet can also acquire EXP after stage completion.

      - Interface window (Inventory, skill window etc.) can be checked but use of skills and transfers of items aren’t allowed after the transformation as a monster.

      - Automatic potion use option will be deactivated after transformation as a monster. (Item use prohibition message will be displayed).

      - Use of all items will not be allowed after transformation as a monster, except for status recovery potion. Manual use of HP and MP potion is not allowed except for ‘Potion of the Battlefield'.

      - If fellows’ boarding item is used during transformation to a monster, transformation will be cancelled.

      - Player cannot be transform to a monster if he/she is in Berserker Mode.

      - Buff skills of each character can be used before transformation as monster but buff skills which have damaging effect is not allowed after transformation as monster. HP and MP increase buff is allowed.

      - The character's equipment does not affect the damage of the skill when transformed as a monster.

      - Use of return scroll is not allowed after entering the dungeon. Teleport via NPC is also not available. Party leaders cannot kick out party member. Players will not be able to teleport to town unless disconnected.

      - Player will not be able to reenter the dungeon if he/she got disconnected in the middle of the mission.

      - After entering the dungeon, party disbandment is not allowed. Party cannot kick out members and cannot change party master.

      - EXP can’t be acquired by the player who will be disconnected prior to completion of the dungeon mission.

      - Dungeon mission will not be completed if only one party member remained in the party dungeon.

      - When the dungeon is cleared, following rewards will be given to the player or party, EXP, Skill EXP x2, Gold and 1 Battle arena coin.

      - At the end of Dungeon, the players will be teleported to town.

      - When players failed to complete the dungeon mission, dungeon monsters will disappear and the players will be teleported back to the town. Players may register again in the Battle Field of Infinity after 10 seconds.

      - When dungeon mission is completed, player/s will obtain the rewards. After which, players will be teleported back to the town. Players may register again in the Battlefield of Infinity after 3 minutes.

  • Balloon Carnival Event

    Hello everyone from Agate Online,
    The traditional festival event on the Silk Road begins. The festival begins in the cities of Jangan and Constantinople.
    Within the scope of the festival, Carnival Manager Jooa begins to distribute festival balloons filled with prizes.

    What is a Festival Event?

    An enjoyable game process awaits you with the Festival Event, which is one of the game events. By fulfilling the necessary conditions determined by the Event Manager Jooa, you can have a balloon and fly your character within the scope of the festival event. When your bubble bursts, precious gifts will be yours!

    Participation in the Festival

    You can participate in the event by contacting the Event Manager Jooa, located in all city centers. Jooa will give you balloons in two different ways.

    Rubber Pieces Collection!

    Jooa needs a lot of Rubber Pieces for the event. In order to meet this need, Jooa will present 1 balloon as a reward to the player who delivers 10 Rubber Pieces to him. Rubber Pieces collectibles can drop from all monsters. To get your balloon award, deliver the collections you have collected to Jooa by contacting her. When you deliver, Unicorrn Balloon will be delivered to you.

    One in an hour!

    Every time your clocks show the 50th minute (eg 13:50, 14:50, 15:50…) you will have the chance to receive balloons for free from the event manager Jooa. All you have to do for this is to meet with Jooa.

    When you meet with Jooa, she will present you one of the balloons below. These balloons basically have a scoring difference.
    • Big Potion Balloon
    • UFO Balloon
    • Treasuer Box Balloon
    • Rainbow Balloon

    How to Ride the Balloon?

    You will only need to activate the balloons in your bag by right-clicking when you are in the city center of Jangan and Constantinople, which you will supply from the event manager.

    When you activate it, your balloon will be Level 1.

    Then you can inflate your balloon with the balloon control keys on the skill bar (just above the menu button) or you can choose to explode it at the level it is in.

    You can command the buttons by clicking them with the left mouse button.
    If you are lucky when you press the inflate the balloon button, your balloon will rise to the next level, and if you are not lucky, it will burst.
    Or if you want to get the rewards of the level you are in, you can pop your balloon by clicking the burst button.
    Your rewards will automatically arrive in your bag.
    You cannot activate the balloon while on a mount, while your pet is open or in berserker mode.

    Point System

    There is a point system to create a ranking in the festival event. Each balloon has a different score scale.

    Unicorn Balloon - A balloon you get by collecting Rubber Pieces, it gives 2 Points at Level 6.
    Big Potion Balloon - This is the balloon you get from Jooa every 50 minutes. Gives 4 Points at Level 6.
    Ufo Balloon - This is the balloon you get from Jooa every 50 minutes. Gives 6 Points at Level 6.
    Treasuer Box Balloon - The balloon you get from Jooa every 50 minutes. Gives 8 Points at Level 6.
    Rainbow Balloon - The balloon you get from Jooa every 50 minutes. Gives 10 Points at Level 6.

    Festival Ranking

    You will earn special points when you reach Level 6, which is the highest level during the festival. You can follow these scores from the table on the far right of your screen.

    In this table, you can view both your highest score and the highest score on the server.

    The bottom line of the table will show your highest score so far, while the top line will show the score of the player with the highest score on the server.

  • Survival Arena

    • What is Survival Arena?

    Survival Arena is a new PvP system in Silkroad Online. It can accommodate a wide scale battle from a minimum of 8 players to a maximum of 32 players, including individual and party battles. Only character levels 116 to 120 may participate.
    Survival Arena features a season system, and the rankings will be reset on each season.

    • Types of Survival Arena
    • The last N players!! (1 player, 2 players, 4 players)

      - Individual participation is possible. Battle continues until the last N number of players remains.

      - The matches are divided into the Arena of Faith (4vs4), the Arena of Warriors (8vs8) and the Arena of Heroes (16vs16).

    • Party Matching Survival

      - You can play after forming a party, and the party leader or union leader should register the party.

      - The matches are divided into the Arena of Faith (4vs4), the Arena of Warriors (8vs8) and the Arena of Heroes (16vs16).

    • Signing up

    - Registration starts 15 minutes before the opening of Survival Arena. The game is paused during the 15 minute sign up period, and players will enter the arena following the order or queue of registrants.

    - Battle will commence after the 15 minute sign up period. But if you want to sign up while the game is in progress, you can apply through Jangan/ Constantinople/ Hotan Arena Manager NPC , for an entrance fee of 10,000 gold.
    - After the sign up period, you can still enter the arena once the auto matching system distributes the number of participants. There are no limitations on the battle entrance.

  • Tower Defend

    Fight against the opposing team to secure your team's tower and try to destroy the enemy team's tower at the same time!
    The team that destroys the opponent's tower wins the event.
    The event concept is simple but unique and fun! Sounds easy enough, right?

  • League of Legends

    League of Legends... on SILKROAD?! As always, Agate is constantly breaking through barriers and continuing to innovate beyond expectations.
    One of our most advanced and attractive events is our brand new "League of Legends" event.
    You will be split into two different teams on a special map with towers and a final "heart". Your goal is to destroy the enemy team's structures before they destroy yours!
    The first team to reach the end of the opposing side wins the event!
    This race combines strategy as well as fighting to achieve a successful victory. Do you have the skills to lead your team to victory?

  • Styria Clash

    Finally, ‘Styria Clash’ which is a new content of Silkraod Online has been released!

    Where you anticipating what kind of a system the ‘Styria Clash’ is?

    ‘Styria Clash’ is a PVP type of system where players from opposing jobs can battle against each other. It has been made so that players will enjoy a grand scale battle that can support a maximum of 100 vs. 100 players wherein they are allowed to use various tactics to win.

    The method to enter qualification and participation is not difficult.

    And now we have the following details of the methods of participation in ‘Styria Clash’ for you.

    Regarding the battle field of Styria

    The team acquiring the most points wins after the end of a match. And if both of teams get the same score, then the match will be judged as a draw. A Point can be obtained by opening the Styria storage box and by PK or killing the members of opposing job team.

    ◈Distinctive characteristics of ‘Styria Clash’
    • Styria storage box

      20 pieces of Styria storage box are placed in equal distances on the central of battle field. Points can be acquired 5 seconds after clicking the Styria storage box. (Opening 1 of the Styria storage box: 200 points)

      Points will not be given when Players die and disconnected when opening a box. And box cannot be opened by multiple players at same time.
    • PK

      20 points is obtained whenever a character from the opposing team is killed.
    • Removal of Event Monster

      Hunter and Thief both have their own version of event monster. It is summoned in the field of the team having a lower point every 6 minutes. These Monsters are summoned and will not attack players. When it is killed, it gives a buff to the team on the field for 2 minutes. If the score is the same, the event monster will be summoned on both of sides.

      If event monster is ignored or abandoned, it will be accumulated and will not disappear. But the Buff effect will not stack even though multiple monsters are killed at same time. If the same buff effect is acquired again, the buff time is updated to 2 minutes.

    - Opening Pot

    Rare relic items will be randomly acquired within 5 seconds after clicking a pot which is located at the central and outside area of battle field.
    Job EXP ranging from 1000 to 100000 is randomly given if the rare relic item is used.
    (Trade and Drop is not possiblebut Keeping in individual storage is allowed.)
    -> During opening pot, even player is under attack or knock-back skill, opening pot will be normally progressed.

    ◈Application and qualification

    - Characters who are level 20 and above with a Job

    ◈Participation Method

    - Entrance and application for Styria Clash is approved by the Arena Manager NPC.
    - Participation application is available 40 minutes before the match.
    Entrance and application can be done by wearing a job suit with individual status.


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