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22 Şub 2023
Tepkime puanı


    The Spring is coming and Agate as well

    Agate Online is a brand new experience you've never seen before. We all remember old school memories and really miss those old days. You will find it at Agate! Cap 110, ch & eu ! We created this server to provide you with an original, exciting and fair gaming experience. We've been working hard to bring these old memories to all pserver players.

    Server Construction:

    Building our server depends on some ideas invented by some experts. We've made our server as old-fashioned as possible with some innovative features that will provide incredible gameplay. You can also participate in the creation of our server by giving us your opinion, and if there is something you don't like about our game, we can discuss it on our Discord server.
    Expert Management:

    Agate Online management team consists of 3 people. Each of us has full experience in his field, so you can be sure that we will manage our server innovatively and clearly. We've put a lot of effort into designing and managing our server to earn your trust, so we welcome you to join us and support us with your feedback.

    Our purpose of creating servers is to give you pleasure and excitement as we are players like you. We want to build a long term server with lots of community friendly players. A play2win server without any bugs or problems, where everyone enjoys their time and experience.​

  • Main Targets:
  • An active and friendly community.
  • A really long-term server.
  • A really play2win server.
  • Bug-free gameplay.
  • Lagless gameplay.

  • Closed beta: [17.02.2023]

    It is the first stage of testing the server. This phase was only available to the team who worked hard to ensure the server was in good condition. It took us 4 months to complete.
    Beta opening: [24.02.2023]

    After trying hard to prepare for the big adventure, we have decided to open our server as beta phase on the date given below. It should be well tested to give you the longest time without any problems and let the players enjoy the time they play. The beta phase will be open for several days to gain more time to test each system and launch a bug-free and lag-free grand boot.
    Grand opening: [03.03.2023]

    It's time, it's time, it's time for bones, collect your guild and prepare your weapons. This is war, man.

    Cap | 110 .

    We all know that 11 degrees is one of the best degrees in silkroad history, everyone loves it and attracts most of the sro players and that's why we chose this rating.

    Races | EU & CH .

    Everyone knows when we talk about 11 degrees Eu & CH should be there that's exactly what happened in Agate, but with the addition of some simple adjustments to keep the balance between the two races.

    Exp/SP Rate | x15 .

    We don't want high rate servers that will die instantly in the first week, you will have a lot of fun on your way to the maximum level, the 15x rates are not that low and not too high, the rate is very special and fun!

    Job Rate | 3x .

    Isn't it fun to do a job? but if it's not worth it, who starts trading? We have increased the job exp and gold by 3 times in Agate, you will get 3 times profit from trading and exp.

    Agate Main Town | jagan _

    Our main city will be Jangan, there you will find all new npc, stall, you will find New Teleport.

    Auto Equipment.

    There is nothing to say about this part because we all know how important automatic equipment is for players when leveling up. It saves time and makes your journeys really fun, that's why we added this feature to our server.

    Dynamic Rank.

    To make it easier for people, we have added all the grades to our agate menu, so you can see all the grades.
      • Players Ranking.​
      • Guild Ranking.​
      • Traders Ranking.​
      • Hunter Ranking.​
      • Thieves Ranking.​
      • Unique Rankings.​
      • Honor Ranking.​

    Stall network:

    You can access it from the menu icon or with the "F" hotkey.
    There will be trading fees depending on the cities. We will adjust these in beta.

    Permanent Buff.

    If you're Chinese now, you don't have to reject every time you teleport because your buff will stay the same even if you teleport.


    Magic Pop.

    We've added Magic PoP Cards and they can be obtained through quests, the Gold Miner NPC is for gold, however, they will not be available in F10 for two reasons. First, because we are not money anchors. The second reason was that in order to maintain equality among our players, we had to present the cards in a way that everyone could take. Magic Pop Cards are worth seeking out as they will allow you to obtain some silk items for free.

    nostalgia | Old Interface .

    Tyr wanted to make you feel real old school nostalgia by bringing back silkroad old interface like alchemy, experience bars, old login, tooltip and whole interior interface.

    The Level up racing.

    From the first minute you open the server, the first 300 players will compete to reach level 110 and will have valuable prizes.
    1. The first 1 ~ 8 player reaches level 110 will receive 500 silk.
    2. The following 9 ~ 16 player reaches level 110 will receive 400 silk.
    3. The following 17 ~ 50 player reaches level 110 will receive 350 silk.
    4. The following 51 ~ 150 player reaches level 110 will receive 200 silk.
    5. The following 151 ~ 300 player reaches level 110 will receive 100 silk.
      Free SIl: .​

    We promised you in the first place that we would offer the play2win server, not the pay2win server. Therefore, we have decided to add silk per hour to the game for players. When you reach level 110, you will receive 1 silk every hour. In addition to automatic events with good silk rewards and unique monsters with acceptable silk drops.

    Filter Features. .

    Proving the best quality protection and features around, Agate is a proud user of MaxiGuard services.


    exclusive filter features

    • The most enjoyable aspect of Agate is the Job system. It's the usual way of the original Silkroad with some minor tweaks to make the game fairer. This system helps you earn the main currency (gold) and is the only way to earn money. To bring you the best business battles ever, we have identified three trade routes (Jangan/Hotan, Donwhang).​
    • We also created a new way to go to the Job on certain dates and it will open its doors so you can double the rewards.

    THIEF: Thieves get $35M for every stolen trade delivered to the thieves town.

    HUNTER: Hunters get 9.5 million for each trade delivered with a maximum limit of 66.5 million if you are in a party of 7 merchants.

    TRADER: You need 34.5 million to load your trading pet and when you hand it over you will instantly receive 116 million or 81.5 million as trading profit.

    Wanted System:

    One of the features that adds excitement to the job part.
    You are given a buff for every 10 kills, the maximum number of buffs and kills is 50.
    You can get 1 same character and 2 kills for HWID to make the system a little easier and approachable.

    Level 1: 10 job kills.
    • 1% physical/magical damage increase.​
    • 1% physical/magical defense increase.​
    • 1% movement speed increase.​
    • 1 STR Increase​
    • 1 INT Increase
      Level 2:​
    20 job kills.
    • 2% physical/magical damage increase.​
    • 2% physical/magical defense increase.​
    • 2% movement speed increase.​
    • 2 STR Increase​
    • 2 INT Increase
      Level 3:​
    30 job kills.
    • 3% physical/magical damage increase.​
    • 3% physical/magical defense increase.​
    • 3% movement speed increase.​
    • 3 STR Increase​
    • 3 INT Increase
      Level 4:​
    40 job kills.
    • 4% physical/magical damage increase.​
    • 4% physical/magical defense increase.​
    • 4% movement speed increase.​
    • 4 STR Increase​
    • 4 INT Increase
      Level 5:​
    50 job kills.
    • 5% physical/magical damage increase.​
    • 5% physical/magical defense increase.​
    • 5% movement speed increase.​
    • 5 STR Increase​
    • 5 INT Increase
    • Alxeandria Job Temple:​

    Everyone knows that Job cave is the reason why players love D11 in the beginning because with this rating it was released for a long time and we decided to keep it in its original form, but adjusted the drop so that it can be worth the fight.

    Zealots hideout Job Temple:

    It was originally part of d12, but we've decided to add it to boost job battles on unique monsters, not to mention adding good drops to them so players feel rewarding enough.

    Zealots hideout unique Drop:


    Honor Point

    Everyone hates old Honor systems so we made a fun new way to get honor points.

    All ways to get honor points are listed below:
    • Job Kill.​
    • Battle Arena Kill.​
    • Survival Arena Kill.​
    • Unique Kills.​
    • CTF Arena Kill.​
    • fusing item D11.

    • Alchemy Rate | Adjusted.​

    Alchemy is one of the biggest challenges in Silkroad history, we all know that and that's why we paid close attention to this point and finally this is Rate.

    eng-game items:

    In this section we'll explain everything about endgame items and how to get them. There is nothing new in agate, our sox system, so the way to get them is the original way. Note that the drop rate will be quite high as it provides a long-term server.

    Seal of Nova
    • You can get Seal of Nova items by breeding more than 101 mobs.​
    • A [A]​
    • Weapon & Shield:

      You can get it by collecting talisman cards from Fostenworld.​
    • Clothes:

      You can buy clothes from the shop for gold and silver/gold coins.​
    • Accessories:

      You can purchase accessories from the shop for gold and Arena coins.​

    Forgotten world :

    Forgotten World Dungeon is by far the most important dungeon for all Silkroad players. The main source of obtaining your power weapon in the original old school silkroad is also the only method of obtaining Protection shields.
    As mentioned above, Power weapons can be obtained by surrendering a full tailgun collection. Tailsmen also drop from the Ghost Sereness boss from the boxes inside the forgotten world with different rates explained in the table below.
    The protection shield also drops from the Ghost coolness boss at low rates as described above, so good luck.

    Book Name | Rate
    Broken Key
    | 55%
    Large tongs | 52%
    Phantom warfare | 70%
    Evil's heart | 40%
    Vindictive sprit's bead | 36%
    Hook hand | 75%
    Commander's patch | 15%
    Sereness's tears | 8%

    Holy Water Temple :

    Holly Water Temple is an important dungeon for all players and will remain the same in Agate. It has a few important things:
    1. Drops Iron/Copper/Silver coins​
    2. Intermediate dungeon quest for high hwan level (baron)​
    3. Advanced dungeon quest for highest hwan level(Counting)
      Both quests will be available for those who don't want to spend silk points on title scrolls.
    4. Hall of Worship:​

    • It is the land of the great gods, where evil forces attract them. We must all cleanse this holy land from the forces of evil and kill all the gods infected by this power.
    • The maximum entry limit for this dungeon is ONCE per day!

    So what's the reward if we clean these sanctuaries?

    Each time you complete this land Quest, you will receive some Skill Points to upgrade your skill for God's skill.

    Book Name | Rate
    Broken Key
    | 45%
    Large tongs | 35%
    Phantom warfare | 20%
    Evil's heart | 30%
    Vindictive sprit's bead | 30%
    hook hand | 90%
    Commander's patch | 17%
    Sereness's tears | 10%

    Devil's Garden:

    One of the most notorious examples on private servers, this very useful dungeon is a great addition to any server and of course we needed to add it to Agate.
    • With powerful monsters, powerful uniques and a time limit, you need to bring 6-8 players into the dungeon to completely finish and destroy those miserable monsters inside!
    • There are special missions compatible with this dungeon to give you a little extra fun and a little extra challenge as you complete the dungeon! You can farm Agate Create by completing daily special quests for Devil's Garden!
    • When you enter the dungeon, very powerful monsters will spawn in the middle of the map. You have to kill these ghouls to get into the 1st unique room! When you eliminate the 1st unique, you must eliminate a few more monsters inside the unique room - then the 2nd room will be unlocked. The cycle is repeated for chambers 2 and 3. It looks long, but you'll be complete before you even know it!
    • The maximum entry limit for this dungeon is ONCE per day!

    So what's the reward if we clean these sanctuaries?

    Each time you complete this land Quest, you will receive some Skill Points to upgrade your skill for God's skill.

    Unique Name | Drop
    | 1x Agate Create
    Salamander | 2x Agate Create
    Udnine | 4x Agate Create

  • For a start, we'll focus on the core gameplay experience – grinding and running. In the weeks after launch, we will be gradually launching more events to increase diversity and gaming fun. Again, our focus is on creating a balanced and fair team matchup!​

  • League of Legends:

    League of Legends... on SILKROAD?! As always, Agate is constantly breaking through barriers and continuing to innovate beyond expectations.
    One of our most advanced and attractive events is our brand new "League of Legends" event.
    You will be split into two different teams on a special map with towers and a final "heart". Your goal is to destroy the enemy team's structures before they destroy yours!
    The first team to reach the end of the opposing side wins the event!
    This race combines strategy as well as fighting to achieve a successful victory. Do you have the skills to lead your team to victory?

    Tower Defend:

    Fight against the opposing team to secure your team's tower and try to destroy the enemy team's tower at the same time!
    The team that destroys the opponent's tower wins the event.
    The event concept is simple but unique and fun! Sounds easy enough, right?

    Last Team Standing:

    What could be better than Last Man Standing? Last Team Remaining!
    Same event concept, but all players will be split into 4 teams instead of a public match. Work together with your teammates to beat other opponents in the arena!
    The last surviving team wins the event and glory of victory!

    Automatic Last man standing event:

    Prepare yourself for a truly extraordinary fighting experience, requiring the will to unleash your all-destroying ruthless power. It is a crucial moment when you must fight for supremacy in war by using your strategy, intelligence and destructive power. you can kill everyone and push yourself towards victory, once the event starts all you have to do is send a private message to our bot with "LMSRegister".

    Survival Arena:

    By far the most iconic event ever created in private server history... While not unique to Agate, it was absolutely necessary that we include this action-packed event on our server!
    Battle against other players, aiming to kill as many as you can before the event time expires!
    In this free-for-all arena, players will battle each other and aim to kill as many opponents as possible before the timer reaches 0. Players can freely respawn and continue to fight after they die!

    Agate has three different variants of Survival Arena to provide the most fun, fair and exciting experience possible!

    - Survival Arena (Free for All)- Each player is assigned a yellow PvP cloak and is put into a public battle where each player can fight each other. the player who collected the most kills during the event period wins the event!

    - Survival Arena (Team) - Players are randomly divided into four different teams. Each team fights each other in a fierce battle! The team that collects the most kills wins the event.

    - Survival Arena (Guild) - You and your guildmates are placed in the same team, while all other guilds that enter the event area are placed in a different colored cloak. Each guild can attack each other, but guildmates cannot attack their own players! The guild that collects the most kills during the event period wins the event.

    Madness Event:

    a brand new event most of you may know, when the event starts you will enter the room from the teleport in our main city and then you will find gangs and players all you have to do is kill the gangs and players

    Automatic Unique event:

    Bot announces the unique event 5 minutes before it starts, usually to support our beginners done, more than one unique will spawn and you have to kill them to earn silk & drops, the last unique will be Medusa, the killer will get 150 silk as a reward.

    Automatic Alchemy event:

    An event where it all depends on your luck, many players like to take their chances, so we made an event that provides a great challenge that proves your luck and enchanting talent, our bot will write an announcement as soon as possible. the event starts, you need to register for the event and then start enchanting the item you need to enchant, the first to achieve the desired enchantment level will be declared as the player who fulfills the event's request the fastest and that player becomes the winner Automatic Kill the GM Event


    You are not invited to register for this event, The event will take place in Donwhang South, as soon as you see the notice to be written by our bot, you must run there, the bot will appear and put on a cape, You must fiercely attack the emerging BOT to kill him as fast as possible, when he dies, the bot will announce the toll.

    Automatic Hide & Seek event:

    An old event with great taste to use your intuition, Bot will hide and ask you to find them, It will reveal some details about its location and you have to know where the bot is hiding. The first person to find it will get some silk.

    Automatic Trivia Event:

    An event that requires your ability to interpret and discern, the Bot will write you a BLUE notification asking a question and you must send the correct answer to the BOT, of course the fastest message will win.

    Automatic Lucky party number event:

    The event is completely based on calculation and luck, the bot will write a certain number and you have to create crazy parties until you reach the number you want, the one with the party number you want will be the winner.

    Fortress war:

    The most epic battle in the game is fortress war. The strongest guilds and troop battle for dominance on the server! Fortress warfare doesn't start and end with the announcement you'll see on screen every week - it takes an entire week to recruit the right people, get the parties right, and ultimately determine the strongest strategy, and it's only crowned when this massive battle begins. Join your friends to create an Agate together - I'm sure everyone still remembers the strongest guilds from past servers. It's time to relive those memories and create new legends!
    It will be active after 1 month.

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