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Legends Online

24 Ağu 2023
Tepkime puanı


Greetings Legends,​
We are proud to announce the start of the ultimate PVE/PVP Non-Bot server that many have been wishing and waiting for.​
This server is made by experienced (over 15 years) Silkroad fans and players who have a passion and love for the game, and by some of the best developers in our game community.​
We have unlocked the game's full potential by tweaking and balancing all systems very carefully and precisely to get the best out of the game.​
Our goal is to provide the best gameplay experience of the real original Silkroad,​
keeping the old-school feeling to the game that we all fell in love with back in the day.​
Legends Online won't be limited to any cap and we are not planning to stay at 100 Cap for more than a year, so get ready for lots of action on a fair and legit non-bot server,​
as we are going all the way up to 140 Cap with dynamic rates and proper balance that ensures pleasant gameplay for all at any level as the server progresses.​




After the limited early Alpha phase testings that took place few months ago and mostly was focused on skill balance it is time for the Closed Beta that officially was started on 19.08.2023.​
The Closed Beta is limited for only for players that are willing to test an corporate with our team for the common good of the server.​
Closed Beta will be open for 1-2 weeks and during this time we will be mostly open for suggestions and bug reports.​
For further instructions join in our discord and type you nickname in the general chat, then you will be assigned by a special role and get access to the closed Beta channels and to the download links of the game.
All the closed beta participants will be rewarded by permanent Beta title at servers grand opening and by an 4-Weeks Gold Time Skill Experience Ticket.​


Next phase is the Open Beta that will come right after the Closed Beta and it is planned to be released on the 31.08.2023.​
Open Beta will be unlimited so we are welcoming all the real Silkraod players of our great Non-Bot community to join in and have fun with us.​
This phase is all about getting the first impression of the server and testing everything out as all the content will be available and players will be automatically set to level 100 with unlimited Silk, Gold, SP and get auto equipped by 10D SUN weapon, 10D SOS Set and 10D SOM acc's all +10 (80%) FB upon character creation.​
Also the very first PVP Tournament will take place on the last day of the Open Beta weeknd Saturday or Sunday 02.09.23 depends on most of the players vote on a poll we will make on our Discord very soon so dont miss to cat your vote.​


So are you ready to become a Legend?


Some useful items and 1M gold will be in your inventory to boost you at the beginning of your journey and help you level up more smoothly.​
Also we have increased the speed of most stable horses, it will allow you to ride your way throughout Silkroad rather then just walk or run all the time.​
Horses will be available from level 1-90 to anyone in every town at stable NPC.​


We have increased the maximum stacks of some necessary items, so you can fit more stuff in your inventory.​


Auto sort and order buttons added to your inventory that automatically orders and sorts everything out, One of the most useful and simple features ever.​



Providing you with the best gameplay possible is our main mission and we went into very tiny details to improve the gameplay without breaking the original game.​
Few good examples for it:​
-Mobs on map were increased by 3x to make sure there is enough mobs at any area for both solo and party players.​
-Most of the buffs continuous time has been increased, mainly to improve PVE gameplay.​
-Town and dock teleport level limits were set to encourage players to progress by quests and by real play rather then taxi all the way up,​
but no worries we kept a place for higher level players helping out newcomers at many areas of the map.​
However progressing by quests should be prioritized as the rewards are set higher then ever.​
As you already know quests rewards (EXP/SP/GOLD) were increased by 3x but also we have made a special Achievement System,​
this system will reward players with Legends Coins for each area quest completed.​

So not only will PVP events grant players Legends Coins but also they will be obtainable by PVE gameplay as an additional reward for quests linked to the Achievement system.


Legends Coins is the well-known Arena Coins and we have decided to make them account bound as it's a personal reward for achievements completed,​
events done and also added as drops from uniques.​
We believe this is way more fair to all and makes the game more play2win rather then pay2win that players need to earn their rewards rather then just buy them off.​
The Legends Coins can be exchanged for Seal of Moon accessories, Advanced Job Suits, Spirit Upgrade gear and more cool and useful stuff at Hotan's NPCs.​


In the original old Silkroad the mastery level limit was set to 300 for the Chinese race.​
Chinese builds could learn up to 3 different masteries and was very well balanced.​
Many different builds were unique in their own way, but ever since the European race has appeared on the Silkroad the Chinese race has suffered a huge defeat.​
Since then the easiest way to fight back was unlocking the Chinese full book of 5 masteries and to add like 10-20% damage increase buff which just lead to total domination inside the Chinese race by one very well known build, while making all the other strong and great builds not appealing or competitive anymore.​
Thus, we have decided to set CH mastery level limit to 4 as we believe this will allow us to bring back more variety of builds which will make the game way more fun and fair.​
Each build is a unique build and have its own advantage over the other variations, so players will have to choose their builds wisely according to their preferred gamestyle.​
Also some of the weapons critical rates have been adjusted, mostly to make sure STR Chinese builds are not left behind, actually they will be stronger than ever before as they also got buffed greatly.​
Higher critical means higher damage so hunting experience as STR is greatly improved as well.​


Adjusting the skills to achieve the right balance between different classes of both races was one of the most prioritized tasks we had.​
We literally tweaked every single skill in the game to make real balance rather then just adding 1 permanent damage buff,​
that maybe helps but doesn't really solve the builds balance problem.​


Our approach for achieving the right Chinese balance took us far and deep into their mastery books.​
We have spent countless hours and days figuring out the best and most creative ways not only to increase the damage numbers,​
but actually change some of the PVP gameplay of different builds.​
For example by sharing skills cooldowns, reducing MP consumption to prevent any mana problems in Armor sets and adding new abilities to skills that usually were not even used before,​
and also we have added some new skills as well.​



The set type limits of masteries for the European race have been removed to improve both their PVE and PVP gameplay and to even with the Chinese race that dont have limits to set by mastery.​
For example, a Wizard build will be able to equip a Heavy Armor set without the need of learning Warrior mastery, Warrior/Rogue build will be able to equip a Robe set​
and a Warlock/Cleric will be able equip a Heavy Armor set by default.​
Also there won't be any mana problems for any build as most of the skills MP consumption was greatly reduced.​
Another thing that was done to slightly improve PVE gameplay experience for EU is the cooldown of potions that was reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.​



Quests are the core of any MMORPG game and we love the original SIlkroad quests, its always nostalgic feel that takes us back to the game.​
Did you ever wonder why only the European side has cool unique quests but the Chinese do not? This is not fair, right?​
Thus, we have added new set of unique quests that completely fits the original Silkroad storyline and will help players level up and progress faster.​
There is a story written for each unique quest and we encourage you to read their stories to get know them better and maybe learn something new.​
Also, we have edited the existing unique quests of Cerberus, Captain Ivy and Goria by setting an level limits to them and adjusting their rewards accordingly.​



All the Forgotten Worlds will be enabled on Legends Online as each of them is fun and unique, full of memories and will help a lot in the leveling process.​
Completing the talismans collections books quests will reward you with Seal of Sun weapons, Skill Points and other great reward as it should be.​
The cards drop rates increased and set accordingly to the difficulty of the FGW, higher the star grade the higher the drop chance.​
To make it fair and more challenging we moved the first treasure boxes to the last boss uniques rooms.​
Also every unique inside any FGW will drop faded beads, which will reward players with random amounts of skill Points,​
as we all know getting fully farmed requires a lot of SP and time and this will help in that process.​
Extra rewards for 3* and 4* grades were added, in addition to the increased drop rate of the talismans we increased SOX items and added a Immortal stones drops chance to the last boss uniques.​
All the dimension portals will be available at Hotan NPC'S for gold.​


Tougi Village - The Phantom of the Crimson Blood - 8th Degree Seal of Sun weapon of choice + 100K Skill Points reward - will be available at launch.​


Flame Mountain - The Burning Abyss - 9th Degree Seal of Sun weapon of choice + 150K Skill Points reward - will be available at launch.​


Shipwreck - The Green Abyss - 10th Degree Seal of Sun weapon of choice + 200K Skill Points reward - will be enabled after 1-3 months.​


Devil's Garden - This is the endgame dungeon, a place full of surprises with high drop rates and great rewards such as increased
drop chance of 10th Degree Seal of Moon set item parts from the 3 uniques inside - will be enabled later on.​


All SOX types will be available on Legends Online and will be droppable from mobs, uniques and giant party mobs will have a higher drop chance.​
We have edited the SOX balance very carefully making sure T3 items will stay relevant compared to SOX items but of course, the Sealed items will shine the most.​



We have added many uniques to the menu, some of them well known and some are less, the unique history is available in game by the F8 key.​
Each unique kill will grant players by Unique Slayer Title + Blue Zerk and honor points.​
Each Unique will have a higher chance to drop SOX, Magic Pop cards and Legends Coins,​
Also, the higher-level uniques will have an additional chance to drop Immortal Stones.​
To maintain fair competition and not ruin the low-level gameplay experience we have set a level limit of 20 which means 100 level players will be able to hunt Lord Yarkan but cannot attack Isyutaru since there will be 40 levels difference.​
Also STR & INT uniques were added to make it a fair and fun unique hunting experience for all the players.​
In addition we made sure that uniques spawn locations are kept at their original places and are marked on the map in game, as we don't want players wasting their online time running all over.​

Tiger Girl - LV.20 - Spawn every 2 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 4D SOX items, 1x Legends Coins and 1x Magic Pop cards.


Cerberus - LV.24 - Spawn every 2 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 4D SOX items, 1x Legends Coins and 1x Magic Pop cards.


Tai-Sui - LV.30 - Spawn every 3 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 5D SOX items, 2x Legends Coins and 2x Magic Pop cards.


Captain Ivy - LV.30 - Spawn every 3 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 5D SOX items, 2x Legends Coins and 2x Magic Pop cards.


Uruchi - LV.40 - Spawn every 4 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 6D SOX items, 3x Legends Coins and 3x Magic Pop cards.


Goria - LV.40 - Spawn every 4 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 6D SOX items, 3x Legends Coins and 3x Magic Pop cards.


Isyutaru - LV.60 - Spawn every 5 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 7D SOX items, 4x Legends Coins and 4x Magic Pop cards.


Lord Yarkan - LV.80 - Spawn every 5.5 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 8D SOX items & 8D Immortal stone, 5x Legends Coins and 5x Magic Pop cards.


Demon Shaitan - LV.90 - Spawn every 6.5 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 9D SOX items & 9D Immortal stone, 7x Legends Coins and 7x Magic Pop cards.


Elementals [STR+INT] - LV.100 - Spawn every 7 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 10D SOX items & 10D Immortal stone, 5x Legends Coins and 5x Magic Pop cards.


Snake Generals [STR+INT] - LV.100 - Spawn every 7.5 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 10D SOX items & 10D Immortal stone, 5x Legends Coins and 5x Magic Pop cards.


SoSo The Black Viper [+STR] - LV.100 - Spawn every 8 hours.
Drops: Higher chance of 10D SOX items & 10D Immortal stone, 8x Legends Coins and 8x Magic Pop cards.



Beakyung The White Viper original full cave dungeon experience kept as we believe that doing on gate spawn or adding instant teleport room from town is just boring, only the bravest and fastest players will get to the White Viper chamber and the strongest party will win.​

Each unique in the B5 cave will have a 50% chance to drop 10D Seal of Star items.
Medusa will have 100% chance to drop 10D Seal of Sun item set parts and 100% chance drop of x3 10D Immortal stones, x1 10D Astral stone, x20 Magic Pop cards and x20 Legends Coins.
Gate of the Sarin will open 6 times a week only on weekends: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 & 23:00 UTC/GMT +3.​


The Roc event is probably the biggest event of the 100 CAP.​
Players have to obtain the Key of Bloodline by finishing the quest line or buy it from the Legends Manger NPC to experience the original Roc adventure.​
Before the Roc appears players will have to unlock the secrets of the Roc essence statues quickly before the they are teleported out.​
Roc will have 100% chance to drop the rare red Seal of Sun set items and 100% chance drop of 3x 10D Immortal stones, x1 10D Astral stones, x20 Magic Pop cards and x20 Legends Coins.​
Gate of the Ruler will open 6 times a week only on weekends: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 07:00 & 19:00 UTC/GMT +3.​


Rare Roc Seal of Sun set items will be the best gear of 100 Cap, this set can only be obtained as a drop from the Roc itself and probably one of key features of Legends Online as this rare set was long forgotten by many players and servers before.​
Each of these item will be equal to 10D SUN+3 but not only that, once all parts set together 6/6 full item set is equipped a special seal effect will take place and the set will be boosted even further, making it more then useful on the next 110 cap compared even to the 11D Nova items.​



We have set a dynamic and live Honor System based on activity: 1 Honor point for every completed Event, Unique, Academy graduate, Job Kill and for every 4 hours of continuous online time + 1 silk as an bonus by Legends Online, so feel free to stay online legends and dont forget to open a stall in town with items and stuff that can be useful for other players.​
Also a kings crown buff icon will be displayed near the char name of the TOP 5 players to make sure everyone knows who are the top most active players.​
Honor points will reset every 1-3 months (will be announced later).​



Hotan Kingdom was chosen as the main town which is located in the middle of the Silkroad and serving as the greatest hub for all players from level 40 and higher.​
You will find some new NPC's in town such as the Legends Manger, Event Manger, Revaz the Thief NPC and the Legends Beta Shop that going to be used mostly during the beta phase.​
Also we have added an new free PVP ZONE that players can teleport to anytime form the town's portal and fight as much as they want without disturbing the peace outside towns gates .​


The first war over Hotan fortress will happen approximately 2-3 months after the Grand Opening of the server according to the progress of players and their guilds/unions.​
We have tweaked a bit the experience inside the fortress and added an 10 seconds cooldown for opening/closing gates to prevent the abuse of spamming the gates wasting time for the attacking guilds by the defenders, which is not fair nor fun.​
The winning guild/union will be rewarded by great and worthy prizes that will be announced later along with the first Fortress War announcement.​


Job system is one of the most, if not the most important aspects of Silkroad.​
The original triangular conflict of Trader, Hunter and Thief, we believe that this job system version is simply the best version of the game.​
On Legends Online we went tweaking and making it even better by increased job profits, new Trade Center, Wanted System, faster transport speed, advanced Job Suits and special visual effects for the TOP 5 job players of each fraction.​



The Evil Order trade center, we believe that this trade center originally belongs there just for some reason never was enabled or used before.​
As you might guess already it will be located at the Evil Order Fortress and will require a quest to be done by the Traders to be able to buy special goods during the Special time.​
Special Bargain Goods time will happen twice a day 18:30 + 06:30 UTC/GMT+3.​


We have created a new set of job suits starting with the very first level 1 suits that can be found in each town job association NPC.​


Also higher levels advanced job suits will be available at Legends Manager NPC located in Hotan for gold + Legends Coins.​



We have limited the use of Item Mall Transport pets:​
Rhino, Buffalo and Elephant can be summoned only by Traders.​
Behemoth, Dark Lizard and Donkey can be summoned only by Thieves.​
Each pet have fixed amount of 300K HP and increased speed to 5.5M.​
Also we have re-worked the NPC transports accordingly by levels and capacity of trade scales they can carry.​




Silkraod is all about travelling the historic trading roads, and as longer the silk road leads the higher the gain profit as the higher risk.​
Traders profits were highly increased as the goods cost also to make it more balanced for the Hunters and the Thieves out there.​


All Trade Centers profits can be calculated exactly by the Trade Export Details window at each Trade Center by simple calculator math.​
For example if 5* stars trade scale taken from Jangan to Hotan and as you can see the Market Price is 300% for JG goods so in order to calculate pure profit you have to ignore 100%,​
which really means 50M + 200% = 100M pure profit, same logic for the lower Trade scales of 1*- 4*.​



Thieves profits were increased not only by the fact the goods cost set higher but also thieves profit is set to 100% of the goods cost.​
For each additional Thief in party there is a bonus of +5% as the sale gets equally shared between the party members so a party of 8/8 thieves will gain the maximum of +35%.​
Some job abuse measures were taking to prevent tempted minds for easy job by disabling the option of dropping goods anywhere near towns.​
Also we have added an new Thief NPC located in Hotan so thieves wont have to go all the way to to Constantinople or Jangan only to get to the Thief Town.​



Hunter system was reworked so Hunters wont take out of Traders profits anymore but will be paid by the trade centers extra 20% for each Traders pure profit in party,​
so for example if a Trader get 250M the Hunter in the party will get 50M (20%), if there is 2 Traders in party the Hunter will get 100M overall.​
Also we enabled the original collect weekly outcome and activity functions for all 3 job fractions.​



Wanted system will reward the most wanted players for job kills by Legends Coins and Legend Trophies 1 per each kill made, kills will count both on the Silkroad fields and inside job events.​
The limit of kills per same player is set to 5x for 24hr to prevent cheating and push players for more real job fights.​
Each 10 kill streak leads to wanted buff and a gold reward for each level of wanted, so when player gets wanted level 1 he gets 10M and same when wanted player get killed the killer gets 10M for his head if wanted level 2 then 20M and so on up to 50M.​



Legends Online endgame will be all about the daily PVP events where each player can gain honor and glory by showing his/her best.​
Each event will reward players with 1 Honor Point and fixed amounts of Legends Coins,​
You can access to the events schedule in game by the F7 key.​

-Max kill count per same player have been set to 5x to prevent abuse of the Trophies system.
-Berserker mode will be disabled inside all the PVP events.
-Auto AFK kick system is activated, players who will not move for more then 1 minute will be sent to town.

Also each kill made inside any of the events will grant players Legends Trophies which can be exchanged at event So-Ok NPC for great gift rewards such as elixirs, STR/INT scrolls, Trigger scrolls, HP/MP Increase potions, 20% Skill experience boost scrolls, 10D Lucky stones, 100% Speed potions and some Avatar hats & attachments.​
Both the Legend Coins and the Legend Trophies will be going straight to your item chest and can be collected from there anytime.​
The events schedule was created with deep consideration of different time zones that we hope will accommodate most of the players all over the world.​


Capture the Flag - Random team event happens 12x per day every 3 hours: 01:00 / 03:00 / 05:00 / 07:00 / 09:00 / 11:00 / 13:00 / 15:00 / 17:00 / 19:00 / 21:00 / 23:00.​
The event will be available for players at level 20 and higher.​
Legends Coins rewards : Win=20LC, Draw=15LC, Lose=10LC.​


Battle Arena [Score] - Random team event happens 3x per day every 8 hours: 00:00 / 08:00 /16:00.​
The event will be available for players at level 90 and higher.​
Legends Coins rewards : Win=20LC, Draw=15LC, Lose=10LC.​


Battle Arena [Flag] - Random team event happens 3x per day every 8 hours at: 04:00 / 12:00 / 20:00 [Job].​
The event will be available for players at level 100.​
Legends Coins rewards : Win=20LC, Draw=15LC, Lose=10LC.​


Tower Defence - Random team event happens 2x per day every 12 hours at: 16:30 / 04:30.​
The event will be available for players at level 100.​
Legends Coins rewards : Win=20LC, Draw=10LC, Lose=5LC.​


Guild Wars a new exclusive event created, will host up to 4 guilds to compete against eachother on daily bases - the event happens 2x per day every 12 hours at: 17:30 / 05:30.​
The event will be available for all players at level 100 and will grant players by 2 honor points.​
Legends Coin reward: 20LC for each player of the winner guild , 10LC for each player of the loser guilds and 15LC for each player in case of the draw between guilds.​
In addition to it there is an gold reward of 20M for each player of the winner guild, 10M for each player of the looser guilds and 15M in case of a draw.​
And to spice things even more we added 4x Tomb Generals uniques of to the battlefield with increased drop rate chance of 10D SOS items.​


War of Leagues - Random team Job event will happens 2x per day every 12 hours at: 20:30 / 08:30.​
The event will be available for players at level 100.​
To win the event a team must kill the unique before time ends, all the kills made inside will grant players with Legend Coins 1 per kill same as Legend Trophies.​
Legends Coins rewards : Winner team gets 20LC.​


PVP Matching - 1vs1 event will be available up to 5x times a day, account limited.​
The event will be available for all players at level 100.​
Legends Coins rewards: 5LC for win , 3LC for draw, 1LC for lose.​


Survival Arena - Free for all event happens 2x per day every 12 hours at: 21:30 / 09:30.​
The event will be available for all players at level 80 and higher.​
The winner will get temporary Gladiator title until the next gladiator rise.​
Legends Coins rewards: 1st=15LC, 2nd=10LC, 3rd=5LC, 4rd=4LC, 5th=3LC​


Last Man Standing - Free for all event happens 2x per day every 12 hours at: 22:00 / 10:00.​
The event will be available for all players at level 80 and higher.​
Legends Coins rewards : Winner get 10LC​


We have created a special Spirit Upgrade System that will allow players to upgrade their A grade spirit to S grade and then to SS grade once made +5.​
Grade A+5 ---> Upgrades to grade S ---> Grade S+5 ---> Upgrades to grade SS.
You will be able to obtain the upgrade gear and the special Lucky Spirit Potion in the Legends Manager NPC located in Hotan along with Sabakun's Jewels and Alchemic Magic Stones that will be sold not only in Item Mall but also at Legends Manger NPC.​
Each grade plusing will unlock your spirit with higher stats of HP/MP, Speed, PHY/MAG DMG, added Blocking rate increase, Monster's defence ignore and STR/INT points start from S grade +3 and higher with the maximum of 5 STR/INT and 25% DMG & Speed on the top spirit SS+5 spirit.​


Alchemy rates were increased to make sure its fair and fun for all the players to tweak their gear, of course the highest plus will require some time and dedication.​
Max plus is +11 and +13 with ADV/B elixir which can be obtainable by destroying Seal of Moon +5 or higher and by any Seal of Sun items.​
The 10D ADV/A elixirs are obtainable by destroying any Seal of Star and Seal of Moon items without any plus requirements and also added to the Magic Pop cards game.​

Stones & Tablets drop rates has been highly increased, elements will be obtainable by items disjoint and sold for gold at the Grocery shop NPC in Hotan.​
Immortal are obtainable from the Item Mall, Magic Pop cards cards game and added chance a drop from various uniques.​
Astral stones are obtainable from the Item Mall, Magic Pop cards game and added as a drop from Roc and Medusa.​



Magic Pop cards will be available both in the Item Mall and at Legends Manager NPC in Hotan.​
Magic Pop game system will offer a wide variety of rare and valuable items as rewards, so if you're feeling lucky, give it a try!​



In the Item Mall you will find many special and useful items, all your favourite avatars and pets along with some new ones.​
The Ability Pets are set to have 2 pages unlocked by default after purchase and teleport.​
Also we have created and added new cool visual effects that will make you stand out of the crowd.​


The Fellow Pets will be stronger and faster then ever, their ride speed is increased to 170% not depended on the character movement speed,​
so those amazing creatures can be very much useful hunting uniques and just traveling a cross the Silkroad.​




To support us you are welcome to follow this 2 simple steps:

1. Add our signature code to your SroCave profile.
2. Post comment "We Are Legends !!!" + your IGN (Charname).

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Legends Online

24 Ağu 2023
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We Are Legends !!!
Hello and welcome,

In order to participate in our signature event right and receive the 100 Silk at the Grand Opening on 08.09.2023.

Please make sure to :

1. Add our signature code to your SroCave profile.
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Water Ghost
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We Are Legends !!!


7 Eyl 2023
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We Are Legends !!!

This server is a long term server so don't miss the grand opening Kappa


8 Eyl 2023
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We Are Legends!
IGN: Get_Some
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We Are Legends!
IGN: Get_Some


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more legends more fun guys join the server :)

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